Tension Buster

Punch the air with a fist, aiming for a center target in your vision. Exhale "hah!" with each punch. Repeat 10 times with each arm.

Reducing stress at work pays off. 

ON YOUR FEET WELLNESS develops and delivers customized, educational programs to address work-related stress issues including job burnout, absenteeism, chronic pain and mental health problems. Our integrated approach to worksite wellness rejuvenates employees' health and well being.  We work with our clients holistically, that is, we address a balance of mind and body, emotions and spirit.  Employees bring all parts of themselves to the workplace, and all parts must work together effectively to provide optimal workforce productivity and workforce wellness.

WE PROVIDE customized solutions that support employees' mental and emotional health and well being, thus decreasing illness and career burnout. We are able to reduce chronic and, often, job-related illnesses. We build a model of self-care, prevention and personal resiliency that organizations can implement onsite very easily.

WE IMPLEMENT a variety of validated assessment tools for workgroups and individuals, including self-scoring questionnaires such as our Team Pulse, Workstyle Evaluation and Resiliency and Stress Maps.

WE ASSESS and identify where and how cumulative stress may cause many personal and organizational problems related to anxiety, career burnout, and high department turnover.

A legacy of proven success.

WE ATTRIBUTE our success to developing and implementing different wellness solutions that support an organization's long term growth.  Our employee wellness programs were incorporated in several Bay Area organizations including: Kaiser Permanente Northern California, Sutter Health, Chevron, Aetna Insurance, Wells Fargo, Palm,Inc. and others.

OUR CLIENTS SAY that our behavior change solutions make them more resilient in dealing with work overload, deadlines, and difficult people. We teach critical stress management, team building, playful exercises, along with mindful meditation to create a healthier work environment with more focused,  productive indivdiuals and teams.

OUR GOAL is to establish healthy, robust, thriving workplaces and support companies that respect and value the talent of their employees. 

ON YOUR FEET WELLNESS leverages our extensive knowledge and experience as wellness consultants, coaches, and trainers to handle work-related problems that cause debilitating stress, illness and employee turnover.  We live and promote healthy lifestyle practices that nourish the body, nourish the soul and promote longevity.