Tension Buster

Sit up in chair with chest lifted, fleet flat on the floor. Shake both hands vigorously for 30 seconds. Drop chin to chest and nod "yes" and "no" for 30 seconds. Put both hands on belly and breathe, exchaling out and in to the belly muscles, each time for 60 seconds.

Working with the body alone isn't enough.

Exercise alone won't sustain wellness.

A commitment to lifelong self-care will.

We have 20 years of providing practical, wellness programs to handle work-related problems that cause debilitating stress, illness, and employee turnover.  Other companies providing traditional stress reduction don’t provide hands-on, onsite solutions and practical strategies to cope with work pressures.  Creating a mindset to manage one's long term health and wellness is key to our clients' success.

Our clients say that our behavior change solutions make them more resilient in dealing with work overload, deadlines and difficult people. We teach people simple relaxation, strengthening exercises, along with mindful meditation to create a healthier work environments with more focused, productive individuals and teams.


ON YOUR FEET worksite wellness programs rejuvenate employees’ health and well-being. We work with clients holistically; that is, we address a balance of mind and body, emotions and spirit. Employees bring all parts of themselves to the workplace, and all parts must work together effectively to provide optimal workforce productivity and employee wellness.

Our custom-tailored solutions support employee mental and emotional health, decreasing illness and burnout.

  • ON YOUR FEET WELLNESS provides experiential behavior change programs for all levels of employees experiencing job-related stress and seeking improved work-life balance. 
  • Our programs and classes reduce fatigue, work overload, neck and eyestrain, back and digestive problems.


We coach our clients to:

  • Incorporate positive behavior changes in daily work life.
  • Create new habits and mindful behaviors.
  • Exercise wisely.
  • Support teamwork through proven wellness practices.