Tension Buster

Tighten all the muscles of your face, contracting into a prune-like expression. Hold for 5 seconds, then let go and stretch mouth wide, eyes wide. Extend your facial muscles completely as you release and exhale your tension away. Repeat 5 times.

Targeted programs improve individual productivity.

Bill, a department manager, has been taking his PTO for back pain treatment. He knows when deadlines put pressure on him and his team, his back acts up. He's in good shape but stress and workloads have hijacked his productivity. Until Bill learns how to handle work-related stress differently, he won't be able to do his job the way he would like. He is putting his health and his job at risk.

On Your Feet Wellness programs can address Bill's predicament as well as the challenges of others like Bill whose stress and pain have reduced their effectiveness at work.  Our strategies include individual and team assessment tools, evidence-based health information, on-site classes, targeted workshops, and team retreats.

Confronting Job Stress - The Mind Body Way

We develop and deliver specialized, therapeutic educational programs to address work-related stress issues including job burnout, chronic absenteeism, chronic pain and mental health problems. We promote ongoing classes and brown bag lunches focused on chronic pain relief, handling stress, communicating at work, eating right, focused exercise, mind body relaxation, and postural alignment.

Benefits from On Your Feet Wellness:

  • Greater work satisfaction
  • Higher performance
  • Improved project coordination and accountability
  • Improved working relationships
  • Enhanced innovation

Our Stress Mastery programs assist overworked, overwhelmed individuals and teams to rethink and reorganize their lives so that health and well-being become a priority.  We believe we prevent illness by preventing burnout and assist clients by providing clear choices and practices to improve their emotional and spiritual well being.  We help individuals develop a positive attitude and take charge of their lives and those they care about.

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Along with Magnafit Coporate Wellness Solutions, LLC, On Your Feet Wellness provides a comprehensive fitness schedule including assessments, classes, one-on-one exercise coaching, group exercise, pilates, body alignment, yoga, Qi Gong, healthy nutrition, meditation and relaxation training. 

Abbas Sadiq, founder and owner of Magnafit, spent several years working as a lawyer and suffered from occupational hazzards including sore wrists, elbows, neck and back pain.  He learned that his chronic health issues related to inactivity and sedentary work conditions.  He started his own exercise and wellness regime and soon restored his health, both body and mind.  He is a Certified Personal Trainer (National  Academy of Sports Medicine) and focuses on corporate wellness solutions to prevent occupational diseases caused by sendentary behavior at work.  His company positively impacts the lives of  employees by providing affordable, practical, and onsite health and wellness programs affiliated with Claire Cohn, owner of On Your Feet Wellness.

We provide workshops, mini-courses and seminars focused on stress management, moderate exercise, mind body relaxation, diet and employee communication.


ONE-HALF TO FULL DAY PROGRAMS on stress reduction topics both onsite and in retreat.

Workshops and Offsites for Healthcare Providers


A SERIES OF SIX TO TWELVE WEEKLY CLASSES on Stress Mastery, Meditation, Moderate Exercise, Mindful Movement, Anxiety Reduction, and Interpersonal Communication.


BRIEF, ONE TO TWO HOUR SEMINARS and brownbag talks on stress reduction topics.  Our offerings include: Dealing with Difficult People, Creating a Positive Attitude, Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation, Exercises in a Chair, and Eating Right for Life.

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