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A Gift to Yourself - Mindfulness Everyday

We all need a "time out" to regroup and see how we are doing from the inside out.  Mindfulness practices such as breathing, meditating, walking and stretching help us get more in touch with ourselves as a whole person, mind-body-spirit.

So we ask ourselves:  what's going on right now, in this present moment?  What am I aware of Right Now?  Just asking questions adjusts our minds and hearts to tune into our mind and body.  When we shine a light on our own experience, we are seeing ourselves in a bigger picture.  For example, if I am feeling resentful about someone and uptight about talking with that person, I ask myself: " Who is paying the price of holding on to this resentment? I am!  So the work is to change my perspective or mindset about the person or situation and decide how to act so I don't carry the burden.  What a great way to demonstrate compassion for oneself and seek to understand rather than blame or remain resentful.  Have you had this experience?

Minding our Minds...

In the quiet of breathing in and out, paying attention to whatever you notice within you and around you...honor the silence, welcome emptiness and see what happens.  If we spend time in the "no time" place, an empty space, we may feel disoriented at first.  But it is YOU that created this zone so be assured that it's safe and okay to hang out there for a few moments.  Thoughts and feelings will continue to rush in and distrupt the quiet mind, compete for space, even when you want to calm down.  So that's the discipline of minding our mind!